Kill A Watt Edge

Kill A Watt Edge


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  • Kill A Watt Edge
  • Kill A Watt Edge
  • Measures Efficiency And Power Cost Of Home Appliances
  • Dual Display Shows Two Types Of Information At Once
  • Calculates Consumption And Cost Of Devices In Standby Mode
  • Includes Programmable Motion Sensor That Will Shut Off Your Items When You're Not In The Room
  • Easy To Read Thanks To A Tether That Allows You To Perch Your Meter In A More Convenient Place Than On The Outlet
  • 4.5 Foot Power Cord
  • Power Rating: 120 Vrms 10% 50/60hz
  • Power Consumption: 15 Amps 1980 Watts; Resistive And Inductive; 600 Watts Tungsten 1/3 Hp 120 Vac
  • Brand: P3 International

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