CAM-KAA2P Replacement Battery

CAM-KAA2P Replacement Battery


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2.4V ; NiMH; Long-lasting; 1,800mAh ; Rechargeable ; Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENDMKA2; Compatible with Kodak(R) C300, Kodak(R) C340, Kodak(R) CX4200, Kodak(R) CX4210, Kodak(R) CX4230, Kodak(R) CX4300, Kodak(R) CX4310, Kodak(R) CX6000, Kodak(R) CX6200, Kodak(R) CX6230, Kodak(R) CX6300, Kodak(R) CX6330, Kodak(R) CX6445, Kodak(R) CX7000, Kodak(R) CX7220, Kodak(R) CX7300, Kodak(R) CX7310, Kodak(R) CX7330, Kodak(R) CX7430, Kodak(R) CX7525, Kodak(R) CX7530, Kodak(R) DX3215, Kodak(R) DX3500, Kodak(R) DX3600, Kodak(R) DX3700, Kodak(R) DX3900, Kodak(R) DX4530, Kodak(R) DX4900, Kodak(R) DX6200, Kodak(R) DX6230, Kodak(R) DX6330, Kodak(R) DX6440, Kodak(R) EasyShare(R) C875, Kodak(R) EasyShare(R) CX7430, Kodak(R) Z700, Kodak(R) Z740, Duracell(R) DR9576, Duracell(R) DRKAA2, Empire(TM) BNH-213, GP KAA2HR, Kodak(R) BP-KDX & Lenmar(R) DMKA2
Warranty: 6 Months
Country of Origin: China

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